Publishing JARs to Bintray with Maven and SBT

Update 26.03.2023: In February 2021, Bintray was shut down. This post still may be useful from the point of view of artifact publishing in Maven and SBT.

Many developers are interested in making their JVM artifacts (e.g. libraries) available for others. Probably, the simplest way to do this is to publish an artifact to Bintray, which gives free hosting for publicly available artifacts. Also, some teams would like to have private repositories for their shared JARs. In this case, Bintray can help as well.

In this post:

  1. Setting up a Bintray repository.
  2. Publishing JARs of a Maven project to Bintray, including sources, Javadoc and tests.
  3. Publishing JARs of an SBT project to Bintray + sbt-bintray plugin.

All the code used in this project is available in bintray-hello-world Github repository.