Trust me, I’m an engineer. Hi, my name is Ivan Yurchenko. (Also, sometimes spelled as Iurchenko). I am interested in various fields of computing such as distributed systems, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, functional programming, open source software development. Also I do technical blogging. I am an occasional speaker. Please check out my talks here. ✉ If you have an offer, opportunity, or introduction, email me at interesting [at] ivanyu.

My Talks

2019 What is New in Java A talk about what new has happened in Java since version 8 up to version 12 given on a Helsinki Java User Group meetup on 11.06.2019. Slides 2017 Akka Streams. Introduction A talk about Akka Streams given on SPb Scala meetup 2017.2 on 04.10.2017. Slides. Video (in Russian). Scalando Academy A series of lectures on various aspects of Scala for developers from inside and outside Zalando.