Linkblog #4



  • One Hacker Way by Erik Meijer – an interesting and a bit controversial expressive talk about the organization of the software development process and software business.


  • Orleans. It was bound to happen: Microsoft released their actor framework for distributed systems that includes many interesting features such as cluster membership. If your want more meat, here is the paper.
  • Electron. You probably use Atom text editor and you probably know that it is in fact a Node.js + Webkit. Now, Github released Electron, a framework that Atom built with. Now, you can easily write almost-native application with JS.
  • Hubot – another project of Github (not as new as Electron). It is about creating a bot that can join your work chat (in HipChat, Slack, etc; a list of adapters), react on the messages, fulfil your commands and other things. In one of projects I take part, we use it for status checking, metrics monitoring and fun.
  • Motion sensing using the Doppler effect – an amazing idea of using the Doppler effect in order to detect user’s hand movements, in browser. However, I failed to run it :)

And a bit of humour for you :)